Our Story

The Bros Story

At first The Bros was a coffee shop owned by Yusuf and his brother providing great quality of manually brewed coffee. The Bros located in the heart of Malang city so it’s easily accessible. The Bros has a signature iced coffee called Es Kopi Bros back then, it’s the top seller menu.

The Bros Coffee & Coworking Space

Later on, Andi, a software engineer and a remote worker had a plan to create his own coworking space. Andi met Yusuf, his classmate at senior high school and talked about the idea of coffee shop and coworking space. Long story short, they decided to do join effort upgrading The Bros from coffee shop to coffee & coworking space.

Now The Bros tagline is Coffee & Coworking Space, serving high quality coffee as well as has a space for coworking space. So currently we can work with stable internet connection, drink great taste of coffee, and hangout at The Bros, Coffee & Coworking Space.