Our Facility

free wifi

Free stable and fast Wifi access across our area in the cafe or the workplace.

books & magazines

We provide books and magazines to fill your free time at the moment of relax.


A secure storage place to store your belongings, especially those of you that carry a lot of things.

toilet and shower

We provide toilet for our customers and also exclusive shower room facilities for the high mobility coworker.


We provide projector as a supporting component for event or presentation.


We provide and facilitate special for you a Board-game to add excitement in our workplace.


We provide secure environment for our customer and coworker.

strategic location

Located in the heart of the city became strategic location as well as easy access in reach of everyone.

parking lot

We have spacious parking spaces for our customer and coworker.

mineral water

Free flow mineral water for all of our coworker.

praying room

We facilitate praying room for our customers.

coffee shop

We Also provide coffee shop beside the coworking space that can be ordered directly from your space.

air conditioner

Most of our rooms is facilitated with proper air conditioning.


We provide electricity in every corner of the space.

Meeting Room

Our Meeting room can help you find privacy and the best suitable workspace in Malang that can match you and your company’s needs, nevertheless our strategic location.

Cozy Room

Saturated with working pressure? We offer you a relaxing room with a fresh atmosphere with sophisticated design and we also provide Wi-Fi, television and magazines to help you find inner peace to release the stress.

Event Space

Focus Room

Bros Garden

Smoking Area

We provide smoking area dedicated to smokers to prevent the non-smokers for complaining.